Look back on what you’ve accomplished professionally so far in 2019. Determine what you did well and where you can improve in 2020.

Marketing: Is it time to try something new? Do you know which of your marketing efforts resulted in the most leads, listings and closed transactions?

Engaging with your clients: This is the experience economy. Did you make meaningful, lasting connections? How can your 2019 good customer service become your 2020 exceptional consumer experience? Do you know which of your clients are your raving fans?

Public Relations: It’s the art of promoting your goodwill and the professional maintenance of a favorable public image. Are you a secret agent?

Community: Are you visibly involved in your community? Fundraising for local non-profits is one way, but so are cleaning up the local park, mentoring students and helping to organize the Memorial Day Parade. Find something that works with your passions and your schedule and get involved.

Financial: How many more transactions do you need to close in 2020 to pay off your debt and meet and exceed your financial goals?

Determine not only what you should start doing, but also what you should stop doing. Most of us only do a few things well, so do what you do best and delegate the rest. If you use your gifts and stay in your lane, you’ll get better results and be much happier.

Put a plan in writing and be sure to schedule regular time off for rest and renewal. Show your plan to your trusted advisors and keep it with you. As 2020 progresses, make any changes to your plan at the beginning of a week, month or quarter rather than at random times because studies show you’ll be more likely to stick with them.